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IMG_0596I have been binge-watching two things these days; episodes of Frasier, and Disney movies. Abbey joins me for much of this – she is fascinated by television. And, it must be admitted, she has a huge crush on “Eddie” – the Parson Russell Terrier on Frasier. As soon as the theme music comes on, she hops up onto the footrest and settles in. If Eddie does anything particularly fascinating, she’ll jump to the floor and gaze up adoringly. It’s terribly cute. When I turn off the television, she’ll look for him for a bit, and then settle back to a nap, or chew a moose antler, or get a drink, or bark at Jack the Ripper (who whoever is outside), or get her back scratched, or watch some birds or chipmunks.

The thing is, whatever Abbey is doing, she does with her whole self. Completely focused in the moment, she doesn’t concern herself with what might be coming next in her life. She’s eating. Or drinking. Or chewing. Or sleeping. Or barking at birds. Or gazing at Eddie. Or getting petted.

We can learn a lot from dogs. I know that most of my challenges in life are because I’m thinking about what is going to happen (or might happen), or what has already happened. It takes real concentration for me to stay in this moment – right here and now. To be terribly grateful for the taste of good coffee, the hum of the air conditioner, the sight of the birds at the feeder, and the words that flow onto this “page.”

So my prayer for today is that each of us can be a little more like Abbey. Savoring each moment to the fullest before moving on to the next. Really experiencing life’s joys – and sorrows. Grateful for whatever this moment brings in the midst of this crazy whirlwind that is life on earth.


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I am not sure why, but in the midst of life, it is so easy for me to forget to schedule a hair cut until I catch sight of myself in a mirror and recognize a strong resemblance to Bozo the Clown. Hair … it’s just one of those things that keeps growing, and because mine is so thick and wavy, if I don’t keep it short, it takes far too much time to make it presentable. So that means calling my stylist every six weeks or so. Except … I don’t. Hence the unfortunate Bozo the Clown thing.

Nails, though. Somehow I can always find the time to keep them taken care of. Either on my own, or by heading out for an expert. I think it’s because after that first time in the morning, I don’t tend to see my own reflection. Whereas I’m constantly noticing my hands – as I type, as I read, as I lift them in prayer, as I lift the bread and wine at Eucharist. Since I notice them, I take care of them. Since I don’t notice my hair, it gets neglected.

There is a metaphor in all of this rambling. I don’t “suffer” when my hair looks bad – but others do. Not that it’s a major hardship in the grand scheme of things, but they do have to look at it far more than I do. In the opposite way, others don’t tend to notice my nails, yet because they are right in front of my eyes, they are well cared for. So I have to wonder. What things am I neglecting in life because they are not right in front of me? In what ways does that neglect hurt someone else? How can I begin to make myself look into the proverbial mirror more often to see what others see easily that I cannot see without extra effort? Something to ponder in these beautiful summer days.

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