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IMG_0660.JPGI am on vacation on “The Rock” – aka, Mount Desert Island, Maine. We will be going into town later today, so I will break radio silence and post this. The picture above is along my favorite bike ride (so far) – along a lake, then to a crossover to Bubble Pond where we stopped to rest. We bike early in the morning to avoid the crowds that throng these paths beginning at about 9:00. Until then, we may see one or two intrepid souls, but otherwise, our tires along the gravel paths make the only human sounds. For time out of time, we feel alone in the world.

I need this kind of vacation. A time to spend with those I love, and a time to spend in the middle of the natural world. In the middle of silence. It is during these weeks away that I look back over the past year – its joys and its sorrows. I look to the year ahead and make new plans, and consider just how God might be calling me to lead our community into deeper communion, and strengthened ministries. I know that my Senior Warden half-dreads my return each year; she knows that I’ll be filled with new purpose and energy! But that’s okay. Somehow, she manages to keep my feet on the ground even as my imagination soars. It works.

I know that I am incredibly blessed to have this time. Then, even more blessed as I leave. For while I know I will drive off of The Rock with a lump in my throat, I will also leave with excitement to return to the work I love, and to my beloved community of fellow disciples. But until then, there are more roads to ride, more photos to take, and more silence in which to hear the voice of God. See you all on the flip side.

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