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I’m not sure that it’s going to get much beyond the 20’s today – a sunny, windy, and bitterly cold afternoon. As I was working at my desk, I caught sight of a forlorn little finch sitting on the bird feeder outside my window. My completely empty bird feeder. I have to admit, it took me a bit of time to surrender to the inevitable, open the door, haul out the seed, and fill the feeders. And yes, it was amazingly cold. But now? I am sitting back in my office watching at least a dozen birds at the feeders outside my window. Finches, chickadees, sparrows, and two bright red cardinals (who are lovely, but who need to learn to share).

Sometimes, little kindnesses bring great rewards. Most times, they do not. Most times, we do not know the results of a small kindness that we do. But we do know the results of small kindnesses that we receive from others. The person who picks up the thing we dropped in the store. The one who points out that we forgot to close the door to the gas cap. The child who tells us that our dress is “pwetty.” The tall man who gets something off of the top shelf, and the woman who commiserates when the baby cries. We know what these kindnesses feel like to us.

So I’ll take a moment or two of reward for feeding the birds. And then I’ll remember to continue to do little kindnesses for all of God’s creatures, and know that, as my Grandma said, “Sometimes, kindness is its own reward.” But sometimes … we get cardinals.IMG_1407

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